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Oklahoma unemployment com


Claims are filed on a calendar-week basis, Sunday through Oklahoma unemployment com date. Weekly claims must be filed within fourteen days of the week ending date Oklahoma unemployment com the week to be considered timely. We Oklahoma unemployment com that you file on a weekly basis because claims filed after fourteen days will be considered untimely and will not be paid. Weekly claim certifications can be filed by: Inside the Oklahoma unemployment com City calling area use: When you call IVR, the computer will follow a script and you will be asked specific questions.

Additional questions may be asked based on your answers. Read through the sample questions before you call to save yourself time and confusion. There are other questions Oklahoma unemployment com may be asked Oklahoma unemployment com on the type of claim or your response to the answers. You will be told whether your weekly claim certification has been accepted. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your weekly claim will be processed for payment. If the week is not accepted, you will be given additional instructions.

You must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 as your minimum browser in order to utilize the Internet for filing a claim. The web address to access the ONIC system. The system Oklahoma unemployment com walk you through the Oklahoma unemployment com. The system will then walk you through the questions. Your claim will not be complete until you are given a confirmation number to indicate that your claim has been accepted.

Please look at job search requirements and how to apply for more information. What day of the week do you receive payments when Oklahoma unemployment com weekly after being approved? The week after applying and today…. Payments are generally processed in days from the time of claim. Please call the Claims Center for an update on payment status. This option should be available after you log-in to your account. Oklahoma unemployment com call the Claims Center for further assistance.

I normally file my weekly claim on Sunday and receive payment on Monday. Had a death in the family and schedule was Oklahoma unemployment com off, so did not file claim until Monday. When will I receive payment this week? I am sorry to hear about the loss. The system would only process Oklahoma unemployment com which are filed within the deadline.

What does it mean when it says payment was not made because my Oklahoma unemployment com certification is pending process. I pushed the wrong button on my weekly Oklahoma unemployment com and Oklahoma unemployment com would not let me change it so I did not get my unemployment. Alternatively, you should also be Oklahoma unemployment com to find additional contact info on the official website of the Unemployment Office.

How do you answer the question about if you prerformed any work for the week you are claiming benefit? For a precise answer to your question, please call the Claims Center Oklahoma unemployment com the phone numbers provided and speak to a representative. This is my third week of trying to file Oklahoma unemployment com weekly claim online.

When I log in there is still no link or button to Oklahoma unemployment com to file a weekly claim. The phone agents have no answers but just direct me to do Oklahoma unemployment com by phone. When will the issue be fixed? If there is a technical glitch, it must be sorted within hours.

I am attempting Oklahoma unemployment com file my first weekly claim and am getting an error message of: Your information may or may not have been updated. Are tips considered bonus pay? And when I report my earnings from Oklahoma unemployment com for Uber or Lyft, should I report all that is earned including what the company took for themselves or just what I received? Anybody else having issues?

I have been trying to file my weekly claim since 7am yesterday by phone and online, it says there is maintenance scheduled 5pm February 24 thru the 26th at I depend on this money to live Oklahoma unemployment com I have bills due today, what Oklahoma unemployment com I supposed Oklahoma unemployment com do?

Having issues with Oklahoma unemployment com phone system as well as the online system. Attempted to file on Friday and again after am on Sunday. I have the same issue filling my weekly claim. Internet and phone system is down? What should I do? It says that due to circumstances beyond our control, your call cannot be accepted at this time, and to call back Tuesday.

Yes, there seems to be a problem with the link for filing a weekly claim and with the call in system. The site was to conduct maintenance over the weekend, but they must be having a problem.

I have tried logging in on the site Feb 26, 5a. I am having trouble filing online and using the phone!! This is very frustrating!! Why do they plan this system maintenance on days we have to file? Now our filing is delayed, our payments will be delayed!! With the new site, how do I file my weekly claim?

Will I need to file a whole new claim or can I go back to the claim I had before I got the assignment which claim has not run out.

Information about Filing an Unemployment...

Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided if you have any difficulties Oklahoma unemployment com online. You should be looking at consuming the balance weeks left in your account. The only similar thing I see is one that says to file a claim like a new claim, I believe. I reported that Oklahoma unemployment com would be receiving Oklahoma unemployment com lump sum severance amount on my initial filing.

It did not effect my eligibility.

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When I receive the payment, Oklahoma unemployment com I report it again and will it stop my weekly payments? What does it mean Oklahoma unemployment com it says payment was not made do to unresolved issue on claim.

I have been receiving my unemployment money for a month until today. There seems to be an issue with a specific weekly claim due to which the payment has not been released. Due to extremely high volume all connections are currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. There can be temporary technical glitches. If the issue persists, please call the Unemployment Office for assistance. When I filed my weekly claim I answered that I received a lump sum retirement benefit.

Will this affect just one week or all weeks? I go this after saying I Oklahoma unemployment com to work one day for 4 hours at 8. Does that make me ineligible for any Oklahoma unemployment com, period, even in coming weeks? Just Oklahoma unemployment com this week?

Do they just need to look at my answers and decide from there? Please speak to a representative to ascertain the exact problem. Use the phone number for Oklahoma Oklahoma unemployment com com. What does it means when it say Payment was not made on this week because your weekly certification is pending processing. I have been told by my employer if I take a job within 30 days of layoff and if it does not workout quit I can still draw unemployment.

Can you confirm or Oklahoma unemployment com me please?


I am not sure of such provisions in Oklahoma. Please call the Unemployment Office for further direction in this regard. I keep trying to file my weekly claim and it says: I am being laid off at the end of January from my full time job. I am working a part-time job hrs 8 dollar an hour per week.

Will I still be eligible for unemployment? I filled for initial claim on 20th Dec and Sunday the 27 Oklahoma unemployment com. If you have any questions, please call the Unemployment Insurance UI Service Center at one of the following telephone numbers. For the Oklahoma City metro area, please call If you live outside the Oklahoma City metro area, please call I chose no that I was not available to work on a sunday due to a stomach virus so now it wont Oklahoma unemployment com my claim what will happen now.

Hello I re opened my claim because my hours has dropped and I trying calling today to Oklahoma unemployment com for Oklahoma unemployment com weekly claim and it wants me to file for week ending June 7th? I have Oklahoma unemployment com every browser Oklahoma unemployment com to man. It continues to say Browser not supported.

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