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Egr working principle


As long as the EGR system is functioning properly, it should have no noticeable effect on engine performance. But if the EGR system is leaking or inoperative, it can cause driveability problems, including detonation knocking or pinging when accelerating or under loada rough idle, stalling, Egr working principle starting, elevated NOx emissions and even elevated hydrocarbon Egr working principle emissions Egr working principle the exhaust. Exhaust gas recirculation reduces the formation of NOX by allowing a small amount of exhaust gas to "leak" into the intake manifold.

This keeps combustion temperatures below degrees C degrees F to reduce the reaction between nitrogen and oxygen that forms NOx. Egr working principle recirculate exhaust back into the intake manifold, a small calibrated "leak" or passageway is created between the intake and exhaust manifolds. Intake vacuum in the intake manifold sucks exhaust back into the engine.

But the amount of recirculation has to be closely controlled otherwise Egr working principle can have the same effect on idle quality, engine performance and driveability as a huge vacuum leak. The EGR valve remains closed until the engine is warm and is operating under load.

As the load increases and combustion temperatures start to rise, the EGR valve opens and starts to leak exhaust back into the intake manifold.

In internal combustion engines, exhaust...

This has a quenching effect that lowers combustion temperatures and Egr working principle the formation of NOx. These include increasing camshaft valve overlap, redesigning the combustion chamber Egr working principle modifying ignition advance curves.

Three-way catalytic converters also reduce NOx in Egr working principle exhaust. If the EGR system is rendered inoperative because it was disconnected or tampered with, the cooling effect that was formerly provided by the Egr working principle working principle system will be lost.

Without EGR, the engine will often knock and ping detonate when accelerating or lugging the engine. This can cause engine damage over time. There are six different types Egr working principle EGR valves: Ported EGR valves to s. The typical ported vacuum EGR valve consists of a vacuum diaphragm connected to a poppet or tapered stem flow control valve.

The EGR valve itself is usually mounted either on a spacer under the carburetor or on the intake manifold. A small pipe Egr working principle the exhaust Egr working principle or Egr working principle internal crossover passage in Egr working principle cylinder head and intake manifold routes exhaust to the Egr working principle. When vacuum Egr working principle applied to the EGR valve, it opens. This allows intake vacuum to suck exhaust into the engine.

To prevent the EGR Egr working principle from Egr working principle when the engine is cold, the vacuum line to the EGR valve may be connected to a parted vacuum switch or a computer-controlled solenoid.

Vacuum is not allowed to pass to the valve until the engine is warm. EGR isn't needed when the engine is cold, only when it is warm and under load. Backpressure EGR valves use exhaust backpressure to vary the point at which they open and their flow rates.

The EGR valve remains closed...

Egr working principle GM cars, they are identified by the last letter on the part number on top of the Egr working principle. A letter "P" indicates a positive backpressure valve, and a letter "N" indicates a negative backpressure valve. Inside a backpressure EGR valve is a second diaphragm Egr working principle reacts to backpressure in the exhaust system.

The backpressure diaphragm opens Egr working principle closes a small bleed hole in the main EGR vacuum circuit or diaphragm chamber. Opening the bleed hole reduces vacuum to the main diaphragm and prevents the valve from opening fully. Closing the bleed hole allows full vacuum to reach the main diaphragm so the valve can open wide and allow maximum EGR flow.

This reduces backpressure somewhat, allowing the backpressure diaphragm to bleed off some control vacuum. The EGR valve begins to close Egr working principle exhaust pressure rises again. The EGR valve oscillates open and closed with changing Egr working principle pressure to maintain a sort of Egr working principle flow.

The negative backpressure type of EGR valve reacts in the same way, except that it reacts to negative or decreasing pressure changes in the exhaust system to regulate Egr working principle action. A drop in backpressure occurs when there is less load on the engine. This causes the backpressure diaphragm to open a bleed hole and reduce EGR flow. It's the same principle as with Egr working principle positive type except that the control function occurs when backpressure goes down instead Egr working principle up.

The engine must be relatively warm before it can handle EGR. If an engine runs rough or stumbles when cold, it may indicate a defective TVS that is allowing EGR too soon Egr working principle starting. The symptom here would be excessive NOx emissions and possible pinging or detonation. This creates a variable vacuum signal that can regulate EGR operation very closely.

The amount of "on" time versus "off" time for the EGR solenoid ranges from 0 to percent, and the average amount of "on" time versus "off" time at Egr working principle given Egr working principle determines Egr working principle much EGR flow occurs.

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Digital electronic EGR valves late s to s. On some applications, a "digital" EGR valve is used. This type of valve also uses vacuum to open the valve but regulates EGR flow according to computer control.

The digital EGR valve has three metering orifices that are opened and closed by solenoids. By opening various combinations of these Egr working Egr working principle solenoids, different flow rates can Egr working principle achieved to match EGR to the engine's requirements. The solenoids are normally closed, and open only when the computer completes the ground to each.

This type uses a small computer-controlled stepper motor to open and close the EGR valve instead of vacuum. The advantage of this approach is that the EGR valve operates totally independent of engine vacuum. It is electrically operated and can be opened in various increments depending on what Egr working principle engine control module determines the engine needs at any given moment in time. GM started using this type of valve on many of its engines in The EVP sensor also helps Egr working principle self-diagnostics Egr working principle the computer looks for an indication of movement from the sensor Egr working principle the it commands the EGR valve to open or Egr working principle.

Exhaust gas recirculation is a...

The sensor works like a throttle position sensor and changes resistance. The voltage signal typically varies from 0. By changing the point at which the exhaust valves close when the engine is working hard under load, a small amount of exhaust gas can be retained in the cylinders for the next combustion cycle. This has the same effect on reducing combustion temperatures and NOx as recirculating exhaust gas from an exhaust port back into the intake Egr working principle through an EGR valve.

The big difference is that the VVT system can react to changing engine loads much more quickly and precisely than a traditional EGR valve. Pinging spark knock or detonation because the EGR system is not working, the exhaust port is Egr working principle up with carbon, or the EGR Egr working principle has been disabled.

Rough idle or misfiring because the EGR valve is not closing and is leaking exhaust into the intake manifold. Hard Egr working principle because the EGR valve is not closing and is creating a vacuum leak into the intake manifold.

Find out what kind of EGR valve is on the vehicle so you can use the appropriate test procedure. Examine the valve or refer to a service manual. On some vehicles, you may find Egr working principle information on the underhood emissions Egr working principle. Also, find out what kind of vacuum controls are used in the vacuum plumbing. Does Egr working principle have a ported vacuum switch or a solenoid? Follow the vacuum connections from the valve, refer to a service manual or the underhood emissions decal for vacuum hose routing information.

Egr working principle are several ways to troubleshoot an EGR system. Egr working principle can follow the EGR troubleshooting procedure that's listed in a service manual for the engine. On late model computer controlled engines, there may be trouble codes that relate to the EGR system. On such an application, the first Egr working principle would be to read out the code or codes using a scan tool or code reader. You would then refer to the specific diagnostic charts in a service manual that tell you Egr working principle to do next.

The logic by which the onboard diagnostics detects trouble follows one of two routes. On some applications, a code 32 is set when the computer detects a richer fuel Egr working principle off idle indicating no EGR. On others, a code Egr working principle set if the computer energizes Egr working principle working principle EGR vacuum solenoid but does not detect a corresponding drop in intake Egr working principle. Egr working principle works like a throttle position sensor, going from high resistance ohms when the EGR valve is closed to low resistance ohms when it is open.

Other codes include a code 32 which indicates the EGR circuit is not controlling. Both indicate an electrical problem in one of the solenoid circuits. The solenoids should have between 30 and 70 ohms resistance. Egr working principle Emission Guide for emissions testing and diagnosis information.

Emission Guide is a quick reference program that covers basic emission controls and emissions testing. It provides Egr working principle feedback signal to the engine computer so it can vary EGR flow to meet changing engine loads. The DPFE sensor is usually mounted on Egr working principle engine and is connected to the pipe that runs from the exhaust manifold to the EGR valve with two rubber hoses.

When the Egr working principle goes bad, the Check Engine light comes on and typically Egr working principle any or all of teh following fault codes: Does the engine have a detonation spark knock problem when accelerating under load? Refer to the timing specs for the engine and check ignition timing. The Egr working principle may be overadvanced.

If the timing is within specs, check the Egr working principle operating temperature. A cooling Egr working principle may be causing the engine to detonate.

Be sure you've ruled out all the other possibilities before focusing on the EGR system. Use a vacuum gauge Egr working principle check the EGR valve vacuum supply hose for vacuum at rpm. There should be vacuum if the engine Egr working principle at normal operating temperature.

No vacuum would indicate a problem such as a loose or misrouted hose, a blocked or inoperative ported vacuum switch or solenoid, or a faulty vacuum amplifier or vacuum pump in the case of Egr working principle diesel engine. Refer to a vacuum hose routing diagram in a service manual or the hose routing information on the vehicle's emission decal for the location of the solenoid.

Egr working principle the solenoid fails to open when energized, jams shut or Egr working principle, or fails to function because of a corroded electrical connection, loose wire, bad ground, or other electrical problem, it will obviously affect the operation of the EGR valve. If bypassing the suspicious solenoid with a Egr working principle of vacuum tubing causes the EGR valve to operate, find out why the solenoid isn't Egr working principle before you replace it.

In internal combustion engines, exhaust...

The problem may be nothing more than a loose or corroded wiring connector.

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This is a preview of the paper, limited to some initial content. Full access requires DieselNet subscription. Please log in to view the complete version of this paper. Exhaust gas recirculation EGR is an emission control technology allowing significant NOx emission reductions from most types of diesel engines: While the application of EGR for NOx reduction is the most common reason for applying EGR to modern commercial diesel engines, its potential application extents to other purposes as well.

Some of these include: While NOx reductions had been reported with EGR as early as [] , the first engine experiments to investigate the NOx reduction potential of EGR appeared to be carried out in the late s in SI engines [].

By the s, EGR was being seriously considered as a NOx control measure for diesel engines [] []. After the early s, some gasoline fueled applications were able to dispense with EGR.

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  • recirculation (EGR) and is one of the principal methods used to reduce operating media and thus involve no further expense or work on extra tanks and lines. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and NOx measurement a diesel engine the recirculated fraction may be as high as 50% under some operating conditions.

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Egr working principle

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  • The term EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust Gas Recirculation is used for reducing the nitrogen...
  • The EGR valve remains closed until the engine is warm and is operating...
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  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): Design And Working - CarBikeTech
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Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

A drop in backpressure occurs when there is less load on the engine. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The efficiencies of the methanol-fueled engine obtained with EGR are higher to those obtained with throttled stoichiometric operation. A letter "P" indicates a positive backpressure valve, and a letter "N" indicates a negative backpressure valve. This is likely to put even more demand on future EGR systems and their components if the application of LTC over a significant portion of the engine operating map becomes commercial.

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