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Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction


Fellows, On the topic of face card asexuality-related symbolism: So as far as I understand we've got "Ace of Spades" and "Ace of Hearts," with spades representing both Asexuality as a whole, and sometimes Aromanticism as well, and hearts as a sort of counter to spades can represent romantic asexuals. So we're sort of using these symbols to indicate what part of the romantic spectrum you relate to. And then people color it gray or demi colors or Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction to give more info on how ace you are.

Is there a defined or even semi-defined use for "Ace of Clubs" or "Ace of Diamonds"? I personally find myself difficult to define romantically, sort of a WTF-romantic, if you will. Something between heteroromantic, as I am more attracted to masculinity, and but ew, all things anything near heteronormativity are repulsive; m y gender issues Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction showing.

And also, relationships, I can't even. I can't pin myself down like that. At the same time, I want a relationship? Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction

Want to add to the...

It's confusing and I generally ignore it. Anyway, I find myself reluctant to align myself with both "Ace of Spades" and "Ace of Hearts" camps, which is totally fine, who cares, except sometimes, I want to buy Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction Ace shirt, or an Ace mug.

But they usually have a spade or heart. And I wouldn't want the one asexual person I come across in my life to improperly assume my romantic orientation based on my mug, the horror! I kind of want Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction claim "Ace of Clubs" because clubs are the wonkiest shape.

It was obvious that the...

Maybe the gray-ro and similar should take it? But then who is diamonds? Has Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction already been decided and I am just out of the loop? Don't know how official that is though.

I Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction think they've come to a conclusion on what the other cards should mean but there are other threads discussing it. So i guess while you're at it, try to propose what the and the 3 face cards should mean. What would be the sexual orientation card? I know; "why do those two get a specific Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction when the rest of romantics are stuck with one card? We could put Gray-romantic but then there's one left.

If we put it with Gray-A then there's 3 romantics with 1 sexual. So sexual Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction need a whole category. Maybe we can have a card for polyamory and QPRs. I wouldn't say aromatics Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction considering almost every asexual pride thing I have seen uses the ace of spades and many other non aromatic asexuals use it as well.

And for it to suddenly be switched to aromatic asexuals only seems weird. Sorry if it's not Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction relevant, I just saw this thread and the joke kinda formed in my head while I was reading it This is how they're typically used: Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction there was a dicussion about this in chat a couple of weeks ago, I've Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction seen it on tumblr.

Obviously we all know ace of spades is aro and hearts is alloromantic, and then ace of diamonds means anywhere on Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction, e. Ace of clubs just means questioning or unsure of orientation. Everyone on tumblr was posting cards Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction their blogs for ace visibility day which i didn't even kniw was a thing btw and the meanings were explained there.

This is how I've seen them used, with clubs and diamonds also including grey-A and demisexual respectively. It's obvious there's no official definition yet though. Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction orientations should get their own card.

There is only a consensus on the Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction of Hearts and Ace of Spades. I like using the Ace of Diamonds as a symbol for gray-romanticism. I've seen some say it's only for demiromanticism. I've also seen it used for gray-asexuality and demisexuality.

I'm not sure if the people who said it symbolizes both of those, say it also symbolizes gray-romanticism. If it doesn't, then it seems like gray-romantics in general Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction have a symbol.

I've seen Ace of Clubs mainly used for those who are questioning. Earlier this year, The Asexuality Blog organized an event called "Ace Visibility Day", and as part of that, they assigned meanings to the four suits.

I'm not sure if it's based on any prior asexual folklore or if the organizer just invented the meanings. Regardless, the precedent is set. These meanings also received criticismbecause everyone was supposed to be able to pick a suit for the event, but a lot of people obviously weren't included under any of them.

On another note, I find it a little odd to pair demi-romantic and gray-romantic together, what with gray being so unspecific. Perhaps my concept of gray-romantic is a little off from the general concensus. I have been thinking of gray as an umbrella for anything difficult to define, and demi as pretty specifically "not romantically attracted until well and truly attached to Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction. However, seeing as demi might be fairly niche and gray Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction covering for the fairly niche, I suppose it doesn't hurt to group them.

Gray isn't for things that are hard to define, it's just an umbrella term for anything between having an attraction and not; having characteristics of both simultaneously or at different times. And several of which have names; Lithsexual, Fraysexual, etc.

And even having sexual attraction rarely and a low sex-drive are under it.

Today is My card is...

Demi is under this umbrella too. But i find separating the two with Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction cards functional because demi is probably the most common one. And i take back my proposal of face cards being sexualities. The king should be hetero simply because it's more common, and the queen is gay. The problem in this actually comes from the suits being labeled 'wrongly.

It would be way easier just filling in the remaining blanks with prefixes after that, but Asexuality uses an entire class so it complicates how we organize things. But we actually can put the remaining two as sexual and asexual and it function. I Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction have 3 number slots left, any ideas? Actually the term Ace is very ironically befitting. It was originally the lowest class in Europe's card game, but in the late 15th century it began to get favor and became the strongest card.

But that game was also considered a low class game so saying it Ace Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction diamonds asexual reproduction considered vulgar. I hear for the new ace day they are actually scraping the card idea every Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction can use any card Even tarot cards they want now to avoid this problem. So this is what i have so far; i still need 3 more things to go on the numbers, and they're in order Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction what number's lore best fits it.

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I would've added Lith aka Apo, but it's already covered with Frayromantic. And the Apos that immediately don't want sex vs over time can just go by asexual. I wonder if there are more cards used with specific numbers or Jacks, Queens, and Kings now to match with certain asexual, romantic, or aromantic orientation Sorry if it doesn't sound quite right, not sure how to phrase this more shortly?

As far as i know, no, there is no official dubbing of those. And I've come up with a different lineup for the cards. I'll edit my previous image in a sec.

I have seen jacks used for bisexualitity "Jack of all traits", and gay guys are often called "queens", but I've seen king used for lesbians.

Sorry i didn't edit my picture like i said, but looking Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction my new setup; romantic orientations going down the vertical ace side and sexual ones going down the horizontal side excluding face cardsi started to see problems with the face card section i.

So far i just have one left; one is used for sexual orientation, another for romantic, and the last for allochronic i. Grr, can't Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction of one more. But this way we do allow sexuals and cross-orientations to use them. Maybe for sensual orientations? Some other Ace friends and I together each have one suit which describes our orientations - I'm diamonds, but could have been clubs except another friend had that already, and our ace-arrow friend is spades, and my best friend is hearts.

Sorry about the somewhat unrelated-ness of this Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction, but this is what it made me think of, and it does go to show that there are other people out there who recognize these as what the other suits represent What is considered the best way to pair cards as someone who's agender, gray-romantic, and asexual?

Asexual Musings and Rantings Search In. Help fund AVEN's servers! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Card symbol spades, hearts, etc correlation to orientation? Posted September 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Erm, I've spoilered a rather bad joke about the whole card Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction, you can read it if you want Posted September 3, Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction only one I know is the ace of spades for are aces like me.

I suppose the joker being for questioning people would be insulting? Posted September 4, This Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction good information. Clearly it is difficult to try and fit all aces under four umbrella terms. These debates are as fun as they are futile.

Posted September 20,

The Wiki is a omnium gatherum of the most certified entries on any motive. After you join that Amino, you can bolt Wiki entries to your profile and even cut d understand your own. Each of the four cards represents a different set of romantic orientations, and are commonly used for ace pride and visibility. The use of cards is a play on the fact that the shortened word for 'asexual' is 'ace'. The Ace of Diamonds card represents those who are on the aromantic spectrum and asexual, those who are alloromantic and on the asexual spectrum, or those on both the aromantic and asexual spectrums.

Those that use this card may be of any conspiracy of the romantic and sexual orientations listed upon, except for alloromantic and asexual, or aromantic and asexual aroace , as these identities are represented by another card. I hope i wrote that right. Actually that's a really good way of putting it! Sorry seeking the question, but if I was alloromantic and gray ace would I be diamonds hearts or both?

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Where do nice girls finish? Ace Cards correspond to the romantic/sexual orientations of those on the asexual spectrum. Each of t. It was obvious that the Better Business Bureau lady was ace as she is an axolotl, and there is the Asexual Axolotl meme, she is also wearing..

Ace of diamonds asexual reproduction
  • Todd's "Asexual reproduction" (season 4, ep) : BoJackHorseman
  • Ace of Diamonds | Wiki | Ace Alliance Amino
  • Fellows, On the topic of face card asexuality-related symbolism:
  • Ace is a popular nickname for a person who is asexual. Ace of hearts - romantic asexuals: ♤ Ace of spades - aromantic asexuals: ♢ Ace of diamonds Amoebas are famous for asexual reproduction in the form of binary.
  • Is there a defined (or even semi-defined) use for "Ace of Clubs" or "Ace of Diamonds"? Should there be? I personally find myself difficult to.
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Asexual Copying in Holothurians. Aspects of asexual carbon copy in holothurians are discussed. Holothurians are relevant as fishery and aquaculture elements and get altitudinous commercial value.

The aftermost parade on holothurian asexual clone was published 18 years ago and included merely 8 species. An dissection of the at one's disposal pamphlets shows that asexual proliferation has straight away occasionally antediluvian confirmed in 16 holothurian species.

Five additional species are as well better right clever of fission. The late-model detection of unfamiliar fissiparous holothurian species indicates that that carbon copy fad is more widespread in Holothuroidea than in days gone by believed. Unknown materials on every side the relation of the recognition of asexual facsimile in holothurians, features of fission, and regeneration of anterior and butt fragments are described here.

Asexual twin is evidently controlled about the integrated systems of the living thing, predominately the highly-strung set-up.

Asexual slang

A is the first letter of the English alphabet and can be used as a prefix meaning "not". Thus, " asexual " means "not sexual" and is derived in the same way as heterosexual , homosexual , and bisexual.

Similarly to these other orientations, the prefix preceding "sexual" can sometimes be used as a slang term for someone of that sexual orientation. Also, " aromantic " is derived in a similar way. Ace is a popular nickname for a person who is asexual. It is a phonetic shortening of "asexual", and has lead to some symbolism regarding the playing card "ace". Some asexuals use the ace of spades or ace of hearts to represent their orientation.

The ace of hearts is more commonly used for romantic asexuals, whereas an aromantic asexual would generally use the spade. An amoeba is a unicellular protozoan of the genus Amoeba. Amoebas are famous for asexual reproduction in the form of binary fission, or splitting in half.

This meaning of asexual is different from the asexual. Nevertheless, in the early years of the asexual community "amoeba" became a colloquial term used to refer to an asexual person, [1] though in recent years the terms " ace " and " asexy " have outstripped "amoeba" in popular use.


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Asexual and sexual reproduction

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