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Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating


Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating. Will rat poison kill mice if it's expired?

Furthermore what if they eat a while small tray of it. We also have glue traps set up if it doesn't work.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Don't use expired rat poison. The chemicals in poisons break down after a few Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating and are not as effective. If you are using exterminator-grade poisons you will need to talk to an exterminator or entomologist. The grain will break down and become unpalatable before the poison is no longer effective. The longer the poison sits around, the greater chance a household pet like a dog, cat or ferret will get hold of it.

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You don't want your pet Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating get hold of it because strychnine causes convulsions and internal Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating. Using poison on a house mouse also allows Mousie to extract his revenge. After the mouse eats his poisoned meal, he won't die right away. He will want to go somewhere "safe" when he doesn't feel well, so he will crawl between your walls where he will start to stink as his body decomposes.

You won't be able to clean him up easily because he is inside your wall so you will have to smell his stink.

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Do yourself a favor and use a spring-loaded trap. It is faster and more humane than poison. If you put some bacon in the bait bar and burn it a little with a match, Mr. Mousie's last thought will be that he is having glorious bacon as his last meal. Yes, and also anything Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating eats the poisoned mouse - the neighbor's dog or cat, predators like foxes, and especially birds of prey like hawks or owls.

And glue traps are cruel, as the poor mouse is Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating onto the glue until it dies. Get snap traps - they are usually instant and lethal and won't poison animals and birds you did not intend Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating kill. It's worth a try, but get an extra can just in case. Yes, and it'll kill any animal that eats the dead mouse also.

Don't Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating your neighborhood. But in our 'hood we do not poison them because they run off to die and are eaten by our falcons, owls, and eagles.

An expiration date is more of when a store can not sell an item any more. It should be fine. Depends how expired it is, a year or few Are mouse traps humane yahoo dating wouldn't bother me if it was stored in a cool dry place.

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