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Pede certo offers six different search systems for obtaining a selection of verses from Eneide pdf latino dating Eneide pdf latino dating. In all cases, the verses are presented with metrical notations quantities, main caesurae, bucolic diaereses, synalephas, hiatuses. Search for verses containing one or more keywordsincluding wildcard symbols. On the results page, each verse will be shown with a symbolic representation of the position in which the form searched for occurs.

On the same page, by clicking on the Statistics button, one gets a table showing all the positions and the frequency Eneide pdf latino dating each, as well as — upon request — their textual distribution. Search the verses for words presenting a specific prosodic structurewhich may be defined by selecting a sequence of long and short syllables within a grid. As with the previous search, the results page will provide a symbolic representation of the position in which the prosodic structure searched for occurs, along with a stats Eneide pdf latino dating. By clicking on the Alphabetical list button, one gets all forms with a prosodic structure within verses matching the search key.

By typing or Eneide pdf latino dating a complete verse Eneide pdf latino dating the specific field, the system will provide a search for all verses with the same sequence of meters and pauses. For the latter, one can choose to include all the caesurae and the diaereses also together with hiatuses and synalephasor just the main ones.

A Eneide pdf latino dating feature is also available in the Advanced Search just clicking on the button Insert a verse in the grid ; here, however, the key resulting from the scan can be changed, for example by considering indifferent some parts of it and thereby enlarging the field of research.

The page presents a list of predefined options for different verse features that may be combined patterns for hexameters and pentameters, spondaic verses, synalepha Eneide pdf latino dating the following verse, etc.

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Search for verses containing a chosen sequence of long or short syllablescaesurae, diaereses, synalephas and hiatuses — in a specific position within a hexameter or pentameter pattern. It Eneide pdf latino dating also possible to search for metrical sequences matching individual syllableswhich may be inserted within specific fields below the quantity selected.

This search may be performed by selecting the Search Eneide pdf latino dating any position within a verse option in the same Eneide pdf latino dating used for the previous search. This is used to search for quantity sequences — including single syllables — regardless of their Eneide pdf latino dating within the metrical pattern of a verse. Pede certo provides three kinds of lists for the prosodic structures featured in the corpus.

This section may be accessed by clicking on a specific title on the menu page. It consists in a complete alphabetical list of all prosodic structures. The prosodies may be accessed by clicking on the grey triangle before each form. These are ordered according to decreasing frequency and the positions in which they occur are also provided. This may be accessed Eneide pdf latino dating the Search by form page. It consists in a list of forms that occur only once in the corpus and which are presented together with their prosodic structures.

The list also includes forms Eneide pdf latino dating are not one-offs, but occur only once with an exceptional prosodic structure: This may be accessed after running a search in the Search by word-type page, by clicking on the Alphabetical list button on the results page.

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The alphabetical list covers all forms whose prosodic structure in verses matches the sequence of syllabic quantities inserted as a search key.

Each form is presented with the positions in which it occurs and their frequency. The glyphs of the buttons are taken from Glyphicons.

Its application to the Musisque Deoque digital archive — containing Latin poetry texts from the Eneide pdf latino dating period to the 7th century AD — has enabled the scansion of approximatelydactylic verses. On this site, a specifically developed search engine that draws upon the results of the scansion may be used Eneide pdf latino dating conduct metrical investigations of the corpusthrough a Eneide pdf latino dating of approaches.

The Free scansions page Eneide pdf latino dating a simplified but immediately usable demo version of the scanning program. Show an overview of verse searches. Show an overview of prosodic structures.

Carlo Goldoni, Drammi per musica. Pietro Metastasio, Drammi per musica. Reproductions and circulations in printed format Eneide pdf latino dating electronic format offline are allowed only to the exclusive scientific, didactical and documentary use, as long as these documents are not altered in any substantial way, and, in particular, are kept with correct indications of date, paternity and original source by quotation.

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