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Pz iii/iv matchmaking

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Meredyth, on 20 November - Uktanker, on 20 November - SabatonPagan, on 20 November - PadyEos, on 21 November - OldIronsides, on 21 November - Zamial, on 21 November - Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: This topic is locked. Meredyth 1 Posted 20 Pz iii/iv matchmaking - There are always multiple tier 8 meds, heavies and Pz iii/iv matchmaking around. So how does that work matchmaking wise? Or is this a matchmaker bug? Just MM happens to tier 5s a lot you just Pz iii/iv matchmaking to figure out how Pz iii/iv matchmaking dammage them aim for tracks becasue you either detrack them which makes them an easier target or you give them damage.

May want to also consider going after tanks similar to you and Pz iii/iv matchmaking big tanks unless they are dieing. SabatonPagan 3 Posted 20 November - MarksMan 4 Posted 20 November - It'll get worse as in tier 6 you'll face tier 10 from time to time.

Fast, agile and properly armored,...

Only time can tell. I know which tank I feel safer - and more useful - in!

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TankkiPoju 9 Posted 21 November - The idea of Pz iii/iv matchmaking is to provide "interesting" matches.

Unfortunately that means they are mostly fair to top tier only, and pretty scary for low tier tanks. Thanks Pz iii/iv matchmaking invasion of the Type 59's, tier 7 is also getting less and less fun.

PadyEos 10 Posted Pz iii/iv matchmaking November - Can't even penetrate the side of a type. Useless, in beta you only got max tier 7 battles with a lot of battles were you were middle tanks, loved it back the, beautiful tank, now you are even below the arty most Pz iii/iv matchmaking the times.

At least they could add the OldIronsides 11 Posted 21 November - Zamial 13 Posted Pz iii/iv matchmaking November - Meredyth 15 Posted 21 November Pz iii/iv matchmaking OldIronsides 16 Posted 21 November - In other words, MM lists tanks of same tier at last Pz Pz iii/iv matchmaking matchmaking according to their value, but alphabetically?

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