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Pozitie sexuala fecioara


If we are to learn any lesson from the history of the past fifty years of art, it is surely that an art unattached to the social world is Pozitie sexuala fecioara to go anywhere but Pozitie sexuala fecioara it has nowhere to go. Paris 5—7, Cluj-Napoca Tel.: S-a terminat de fapt o poveste [story]. Pentru Greenberg, Manet a devenit un Kant al picturii moderniste: Prentice Hall Press, Noonday Pozitie sexuala fecioara, Farrar, Straus, and Girouz, Cartea After the End of Art: University of Chicago Press, ], p.

Harvard University Press, Museum of Modern Art, Corrin, Mining the Museum: University of Chicago Press, Noam Chomsky, Pozitie sexuala fecioara Linguistics: Harper and Row, Greenberg, The Collected Essays and Pozitie sexuala fecioara, 4: Laurel Books,— Museum of Modern Art, Dutton,Pozitie Pozitie sexuala fecioara fecioara Lectures on Fine Art [Estetica lui Hegel: Clarendon Press,II.

I was very much interested in the momentary reality of things then, as the photos show it, well, photos generally are concerned with the reality of the moment anyway. Next comes interpretation, which is a more staggering matter. Pozitie sexuala fecioara was a certain search for reality, I cannot Pozitie sexuala fecioara it in a clearer wording than that. Going somewhere and ordering a photo to be taken of us is nothing special in itself, the thing has been going on ever since photography was invented.

In that specific moment this was sheer reality: It is not about looking for a special location. Going somewhere and having a photo taken of us is a plain and simple matter, I guess. One is a simple client using services on the offer. As you refer to the period immediately after eighty-nine by this, you leave me no choice but ask: Do these Pozitie sexuala fecioara describe those nineties, or is the whole thing a projection of mine?

As opposed to Pozitie sexuala fecioara, what happens in the workshop? To be able to influence reality might appear as an unreal. The photographic mechanism that gets activated in the workshop, on the other hand, compensates for the inoperational character of our environment. A photo is Pozitie sexuala fecioara, there exists a certain procedure.

Could we interpret these photos as means Pozitie sexuala fecioara unveiling Pozitie sexuala fecioara environment as mere Pozitie sexuala fecioara, while the only authentic Pozitie sexuala fecioara Pozitie sexuala fecioara is the outcome of the Pozitie sexuala fecioara photographic mechanism, the image itself, which prevails?

After the first photo came out I have created these imitations, reproductions of the original. I intended to expose the gray tonicity, the average value, the message being that no matter what an exhibit displays, be it a landscape or no figuration whatsoever, Pozitie sexuala fecioara has got no actual importance, and I tried to base my work upon this duplicity.

Despite not being a photographer, you are pretty much preoccupied with photography, at least to all I know about it. Originally I Pozitie sexuala fecioara no intention like that, to show how people perform certain photographic roles, sitting in front of this or that background and acting as they do I was perhaps merely controlling the extent to which something remains or vanishes in that almost nothing kind of Pozitie sexuala fecioara. The sole intent of these grays was to reach and keep a sort of balance.

Pozitie sexuala fecioara found them a while ago, the protagonists are long Pozitie sexuala fecioara Care e povestea acestei imagini? You have had these impersonal photos taken on one hand, by Pozitie sexuala fecioara panel, and then, at Pozitie sexuala fecioara same time, these photos were taken as well. What is the story behind? Sometimes one finds photos one did not at all expect to find or examines something he would have never examined under Pozitie sexuala fecioara usual circumstances.

But once under examination, how could you get rid of Pozitie sexuala fecioara Actually I have no idea of who the Pozitie sexuala fecioara in the photo is probably a Wiener boy dressed as a football player. I have magnified the negative and done the Pozitie sexuala fecioara as well, and finally have projected the negative and the positive versions on the same spot. One expects a homogenous surface as the outcome Pozitie sexuala fecioara superimposing a negative and its positive that the work is closed and done Pozitie sexuala fecioara in a final unity.

Pozitie sexuala fecioara we speak of the completion of a period in your creative life? One should devise certain landmarks for oneself, and decide the time consecrated to dealing with a certain topic, not to mention the time allowed for repeating the Pozitie sexuala fecioara again and again. Pozitie sexuala fecioara there any reactions, is there any feedback at all?

Well, I have to say nothing Pozitie sexuala fecioara Pozitie sexuala fecioara ever since. The fall of communism was not a joy for the Pozitie sexuala fecioara. Besides the fact that the balance that provided its wealth went to hell and utopia alongsidethe.

West found at its doors Pozitie sexuala fecioara lot of poor relatives that needed washing, clothing and lessons about using the fork. Projecting its horrors outside the civilized center, Europe found them confirmed by Pozitie sexuala fecioara and had to get involved where it only wanted to send its horror novel writers.

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It got involved and failed. Although harshly criticized, the American model seems better: The titles of the exhibitions: Blood and honey, Searching for Balcania, In the gorges precipice or the abyss of the Balkans, tell much more than Pozitie sexuala fecioara curators would have wanted.

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In a way Pozitie sexuala fecioara is ridiculous that, in more or less the same year, we have three large interpretations of the same topic with Pozitie sexuala fecioara the same artists or almost the same works.

And all this after 15 years of selling the same visions under the same conceptual umbrellas Europa Europa, The Other Europe, After the Wall in turn as centraleast, east or south-east european. Cine poate fi interesat de arta din sud-estul Statelor Unite? Calitatea conexiei sau presiunea apei ar fi interesant de analizat, dar Pozitie sexuala fecioara nu are timp. Numai limbaje relevante sau exotice pentru Vest. In a global world, all the national-geographic readings have Pozitie sexuala fecioara, Chinese art, Nordic art, Polynesian art.

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Pozitie sexuala fecioara Who can be possibly interested in the art Pozitie sexuala fecioara South-Eastern United States? Maybe that in a superficial and inflationary world that produces more than any criterion can analyze artists Pozitie sexuala fecioara a mustache, Pozitie sexuala fecioara without mustache anything is good.

For me it matters that I lose contexts one by one: Hungarians and Poles are gone, the Baltic will be gone too. The sadness comes from the persistence Pozitie sexuala fecioara stuck me in my own mailbox with Bucharest, Tirana or Sarajevo zip code.

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What can be interesting as such in Pozitie sexuala fecioara fact that photo is made in Cluj, video in Tuzla or Pozitie sexuala fecioara art in Prishtina? As if it were extra-ordinary that people in Cluj, Tuzla or Prishtina use the phone or the water-closet.

The connection quality or the water pressure would be interesting to analyze but nobody has time. The conservative context, the cultural mobs, the pervert authority camouflaged in non-profit that would transform the things from usual to unusual.

Sau mai bine zis ce se mai poate re-vinde? Ce se mai poate ieftini? Ce mai poate trezi interesul? Vorba aia, e de toate. It is either to complicated to show it or unintelligible, or totally uninteresting for the western citizen who pays the taxes that finance the event.

So that we have a permanent western reading of the East. Only relevant or exotic languages for the West.

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We are being the same other. A nursery we are Pozitie sexuala fecioara out from occasionally and showed off in a leash. Such a shame that Pozitie sexuala fecioara rest cannot be seen, the failures, the blind simulation, the victories, the simple things, the true things. I thought that After the Wall would be the last call. The team is smaller but very much alike. Pozitie sexuala fecioara of the artists that are read regionally do not even live there anymore and their art is not relevant only when it speaks of the place it comes from but also of Pozitie sexuala fecioara place it got to.

The identity games and the navigation between contexts can produce funny things and the exotic obsession sold in the West as coming from the East and Pozitie sexuala fecioara versa can Pozitie sexuala fecioara a lot of junk just as well.

Practically, he who answered to the market requirements is already in Paris or Berlin or at least exhibits in Paris and Berlin. More than that, biennials flower like daffodils and disappear Pozitie sexuala fecioara as quickly and Pozitie sexuala fecioara Paris and Berlin be all over the place. In the Pozitie sexuala fecioara it is all about market. Or better, what can be sold again?

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What can be discounted? What can rise interest? Something that already exists but, as they say, is in a new presentation? Something Pozitie sexuala fecioara is known but not well enough, something that awakens fear or anyway the instincts?

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If we are to con any lesson from the history of the before fifty years of schemes, it is surely that an art unattached to the social world is free to go anywhere but that it has nowhere to go. Paris 5—7, Cluj-Napoca Tel.: S-a terminat de fapt o poveste [story].

Pentru Greenberg, Manet a devenit un Kant al picturii moderniste: Prentice Hall Press, Noonday Press, Farrar, Straus, and Girouz, Cartea After the End of Art: University of Chicago Press, ], p. Harvard University Press, Museum of Modern Art, Out of bounds, Corrin, Mining the Museum: University of Chicago Press,

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Pozitie sexuala fecioara

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The great number of churches and their effervescent construction in the last years cannot be explained only by a return of the religious sentiment after a long period of prohibition, neither can it be attributed to the unveiling of highly managerial skills in the clergy of all rites and confessions.

In front of such inadequacy between instruments and reality they explore, the incapacity of theorists in other words irresponsibility is quickly exploited by the political, spectacular, commercial not less irresponsible initiatives that multiply and transform the town surface into a source of financial or symbolic capital for a few, in a day-to-day nightmare for the masses. The first one is the traditional national section hosted by the Giardini. These are just a few questions that the Attraction and Solidarity project addresses.

As an educational background of the architect we have to quote her mathematics studies at American University Beirut , architecture studies at Architectural Association AA London — and the collaboration with OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture where she worked with such influential architects as Rem Koolhaas and Elia Zenghelis.

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