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Sex isnt hookup if it were santana


M because this is some serious smut.

Santana, on the other hand,...

I do not own Glee or anything having to do with it. I wish I did. LOL that Sex isnt hookup if it were santana be awesome. It would be like The L Word only musical. Prompt filled for a friend anonymously. Santana Lopez smirked deviously from her seat atop the bleachers and squirmed slightly as she watched her girlfriend Rachel Berry storm into the classroom very obviously ranting at a startled Finn Hudson.

The two girls had been dating for Sex isnt hookup if it were santana months now and Santana had to admit though it seemed unlikely the last ten months had been the best of her life.

She had never had a person like Rachel in her life, someone who loved her so devotedly despite her flaws, someone who Sex isnt hookup if it were santana willing to stand by Sex isnt hookup if it were santana at her worst, to say that Rachel Berry was the best girlfriend in the world would not have been an overstatement in the least.

Even better four months ago amongst whispered and trembling declarations of love their relationship had moved into the sexually physical spectrum and Santana had not been disappointed in the least. She wasn't saying that sex was all she cared about but a girl had some fucking needs you know? And Rachel had definitely met them with the same passion she met everything in life with.

For the first Sex isnt hookup if it were santana in her life Santana really truly understood the difference between fucking and making love.

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To top off their explosive sex life Rachel had taken to pleasing Santana in any way imaginable, even charming her way into finding out the almost embarrassingly long list of "kinks" the Cheerio had. It was almost like a god send to have a girlfriend who was so perfect she would let you fuck her with a strap-on whilst she was tied up. Especially for Santana who had always been Sex isnt hookup if it were santana highly sexual person but had never had someone actually go the extra mile to find out what she wanted in the bedroom.

The last four months had been amazing, so amazing that both of the girls had gained additional tone in their muscles from all of the epic amazingness that was the Pezberry Sex Life. To say the very least Santana had been drinking a lot of Powerade and doubling up on her wheaties recently.

So yes it was amazing, but somewhere in between Sex isnt hookup if it were santana to hit Rachel on the ass with a paddle till she cried and Sex isnt hookup if it were santana to fuck Rachel into a coma on Quinn Fabray's bed whilst the blonde was at church, that one being especially rewarding when she thought of the blonde smelling something that she would always secretly want but never be able to steal from the Latina, Santana had begun to feel a little bit guilty.

Rachel was in some cases literally bending over backwards to satisfy her but she had yet to find out what the girl wanted in the bedroom. She got to spend at least twenty hours a week with her legs wrapped around Rachel Berry's head, so what if she had been reduced to Sex isnt hookup if it were santana whimpering pile of hot damn sentimental mess.

So with an excited vigor she had began the annoyingly difficult task of finding out what the Diva wanted in the bedroom. For some reason no matter how normal Rachel found Santana's kinks the diva seemed almost desperate to not reveal any of her own, stating that her kink was pleasing the Latina.

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Santana had let herself buy into that for Sex isnt hookup if it were santana of a minute before she renewed her quest to find out what made Rachel Berry tick. After a few weeks she had finally pried it out of the girl that Rachel had a serious turn on for being choked slightly during sex. That had been an awesome night and even more awesome day after when Rachel had proudly bee bopped around the school with an imprint of Santana's hand on her neck. A little more prodding had revealed that Rachel wanted Santana to fuck her on Mr.

That the Cheerio had almost cried for joy at, especially afterwards when she spotted a very distinct wet mark on a picture of Schue and Finn smiling widely at the camera like a Sex isnt hookup if it were santana father and son pair. But back to the present. Santana Lopez had hit the fucking mother load over the weekend and she was biting at the chomps to get to it. It had all gone down Saturday night when Puck had thrown his birthday party.

Alcohol had been flowing like a Sex isnt hookup if it were santana river and after polishing off seven wine coolers Rachel had been completely fourth coming with her list of kinks.

We've been sweating Santana's (Naya...

You see what she did there? Even better the next morning Rachel had quite obviously forgotten listing out her wants like a PowerPoint presentation and Santana remembered every single one of them. All of them had been awesome, and several of them actually overlapped with her own list, but there was one that had been utterly surprising and a little bit daunting.

Sitting patiently in her chair waiting for Glee to start and trying not to grimace at her painfully full bladder. And collar style…but Sex isnt hookup if it were santana was something Santana had to order online and she was wondering if black or red pleather would be more satisfying against the girl's skin tone.

Hey she was considerate. The sharp sound of Rachel's obviously infuriated voice brought Santana fully back into the moment and she chuckled at the beet red look of Finn's face as she caught the end of her girlfriend's rant.

Inside Santana smirked impishly when she caught a brief second of want in Rachel's eyes, but she managed to keep a poker face. Do you want me to inform Mr. Schuester that we will be starting late today? At this Rachel simply hummed in approval and sunk further back into her girlfriend's embrace, putting almost painful pressure on her full bladder Sex isnt hookup if it were santana reminding the Latina of her plan. Sex isnt hookup if it were santana breath hitched in her throat and she let out a soft whimper at her girlfriend's touch before nodding furiously.

The Latina was mere seconds away from slipping her fingers under the thin material of Sex isnt hookup if it were santana panties when William Cockblock Schuester bounded into the room smiling like a maniac. Let's get started on Nationals," he said cheerily before looking up at Santana and Rachel and grimacing.

Wresting her head on her girlfriend's shoulder the Latina let out a hiss of indistinguishable curse words in Spanish that all ended with an indignant humph. Feeling breath blow across her neck haughtily Rachel snapped out of Sex isnt hookup if it were santana near stupor she was in a blushed wildly at the group staring at her.

This week they were doing duets it seemed and the teacher was quickly handing out the assignments, of course not even bothering to attempt splitting up Rachel Sex isnt hookup if it were santana Santana for it.

After the last verbal lashing he had gotten over that everyone had agreed that the two girls angry at the same time was also one time too many. Sam and Mike had just started to recover mentally from those partnerings. As the teacher droned on and on about togetherness or some crap like that Santana found herself becoming more and more impatient to get out of there.

The ache deep in her belly was painful now and it felt like every movement of her body would make her explode any second, which was something she absolutely refused to do. Pissing on your fine ass girlfriend as a sign of freaky deaky sexual dominance and territorialism?

Sex isnt hookup if it were santana an accident in the middle of class in front of all of your friends and enemies? Mortifying and likely to end in casualties.

It seemed that Rachel had become aware of the situation she was in and the girl Sex isnt hookup if it were santana before leaning back to whisper in her ear. Every few minutes Rachel would squirm and move slightly in her lap Sex isnt hookup if it were santana the Latina would let out soft whimpers and hold the girl impossibly closer to her.

By the time Schue was done and Sex isnt hookup if it were santana and Blaine had taken the floor to perform something, which by the way what was it with these two having a dozen or so numbers hiding up their fashionable sleeves all the time, Santana's head had fallen against the girl's petite shoulders and her breath was coming out in slight pants. The diva stilled and looked back at her girlfriend chewing on her bottom lip, her face wrought with worry, but Santana saw something else.

In the swirling orbs of her girlfriend she saw absolute desire. Rachel Berry was getting off on the fact that her girlfriend was underneath her desperate to piss. That was enough for Santana to bite her lip and smile back weakly at her girlfriend, before shaking her head and forcing the girl to sway on her lap.

After another fifteen torturous minutes Mr. Schue finally clapped his hands and told everyone they he would see them tomorrow. Reluctantly Santana unwrapped her arms from around Rachel's midsection and stood up, taking the girl's hand and throwing their backpacks over her shoulder. As they walked out of the Choir Room Rachel began pulling the Cheerio towards the bathrooms only to be pulled tightly to the Latina's side as she walked them out of the school.

I want to have a home someday for just us. After tossing the backpacks in the back of her car Santana walked around and sighed at the setting sun, Sex isnt hookup if it were santana before had she been more glad that she lived less Sex isnt hookup if it were santana a mile away from the school. If Rachel noticed the slow cautious way that Santana was driving she didn't verbalize it, content instead to just hum along with the music and cradle one of the girl's hands in her lap.

Santana for her part was a wreck. Every single small bump in the road nearly made her cry out in desperation and she had to grit her teeth tightly to keep from crying as she drove over the speed bumps Sex isnt hookup if it were santana her neighborhood. Finally though after what felt like an hour she pulled easily into her driveway and let out a relieved sigh.

It was the throwaway line...

Squeezing her girl's hand she smiled before jumping out of the car and running to retrieve their bags and open the door for her girlfriend. On the outside she managed to contain herself but on the inside the Cheerio was ten seconds away from going into complete and total meltdown.

Something inside her urged Sex isnt hookup if it were santana on though, a promise that if she could hold her shit together for just a little bit longer than it would be more than worth it. As the girls walked into the Lopez foyer Santana tossed her keys half-hazardly in the bowl by the door and dropped their bags before gently tugging her girlfriend in the direction of the stairs. She could tell that she was getting to the girl. Being in private was obviously loosening up Rachel's control and she smirked Sex isnt hookup if it were santana as she decided to play it up, wincing dramatically as they took every step.

Next to her Rachel had started to take deep breaths and her darkened eyes flitted to Santana's midsection ever other second as a deep blush took over her face and she bit her bottom lip wantonly. Deciding to have a little fun torturing her Sex isnt hookup if it were santana Santana let out a little whimper and tightened her hand holding Sex isnt hookup if it were santana of the girl's.

You look like you want something," she said as the reached the top and she started pulling her girlfriend towards her bedroom. I would give you anything to make you happy.

Rachel stood before her shaking and Santana smirked victoriously as she watched the girl swallow roughly before speaking. Rachel let out a desperate whimper and Santana felt her eyes roll back into her head as her fingers pushed through to silky wetness just as Rachel lifted a trembling hand and pressed against her full Sex isnt hookup if it were santana. You're just begging me to fuck you anywhere. Like when I fucked you on Quinn's bed, or when I bent you over Schue's desk.

You loved that didn't you? Imagining them smelling your pussy for days after. I bet Quinn had to wash her Sex isnt hookup if it were santana. And I bet she probably fucked herself in them a million Sex isnt hookup if it were santana before she did. Give that boy a smell of what is mine. Smirking at the desperation on her girl's face Santana reached forwards and grabbed one of the girl's hands.

Keeping eye contact she took one of the girl's fingers and swirled her tongue around it before bringing it down to her soaked center. You make me fucking drip. When you were sitting on my lap in Glee I was almost crying at how good it felt. Realizing that she couldn't Sex isnt hookup if it were santana it any longer the Latina leant Sex isnt hookup if it were santana the girl's body, their stiffened nipples rubbing together as she bit down on the girl's neck.

Tell me what you want! Biting down hard on the inside of her cheek Santana forced her clit away from the girl and stared down at her hard until Rachel's desperate eyes locked with her own.

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