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More particularly, this invention relates to an application program interface API that facilitates Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock of a network software Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock by application programs and computer hardware.

Broadly speaking, an application is software meant to perform a Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock task for the computer user such as solving a mathematical equation or supporting word processing.

The operating system Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock the software that manages and controls the computer hardware. The goal of the operating system Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock to make the computer resources available to the application programmer while at the same time, hiding the complexity necessary Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock actually control the hardware. The term API is also used in reference to a single one of these functions.

The functions are often grouped in terms of what resource or service they provide to the application programmer. Application software requests resources by calling individual API functions. API functions also serve as Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock means by which messages and information provided by the operating system are relayed back to the application software. Application software development can be a daunting task, sometimes requiring years of developer time to create a sophisticated program with millions of lines of code.

A coherent and usable operating system base Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock required to support so many diverse application developers. That is, if a function may be Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock to several different application Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock, it may be better to write it once Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock inclusion in the operating system, than requiring dozens of software developers to write it dozens of times for inclusion in dozens of different Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. In this manner, if the operating system supports a wide range of common functionality required by a number of applications, significant savings in applications Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock development Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock and time can be achieved.

Traditionally, software developers focused on single-site software applications for standalone desktop computers, or LAN-based computers that were connected to a limited number of other computers via a local area network LAN. The applications utilized well-defined APIs to access the underlying operating system of the computer.

In the networked world, Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock from anywhere could submit requests to server-based applications hosted at diverse locations and receive responses back in fractions of a second. These Web applications, however, were typically developed using the same operating system platform that was originally developed for standalone computing machines or locally networked computers. Unfortunately, in some instances, these Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock do not adequately transfer to the distributed computing regime.

The underlying Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock was simply not constructed with the idea of supporting limitless numbers of interconnected computers.

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The platform allows developers to create Web services that will execute over Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock Internet. Such a dynamic shift requires a new ground-up design of an entirely new API. Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock compiled HTML help file stored on the compact disk is hereby incorporated by reference.

More particularly, an exemplary API is described for the. It represents the next generation of Internet computing, using open communication standards to communicate Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock loosely coupled Web services that are collaborating to perform a particular Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. XML is used for defining data elements on a Web page and business-to-business documents.

Thus, virtually any data items can be identified, allowing Web pages to function like database records. Although the embodiments described herein are described in conjunction with XML and other open standards, such are not required for the operation of the claimed invention.

An XmlValidatingReader class of an...

Other equally viable technologies will suffice to Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock the inventions described herein. The network environment includes representative Web services 1 Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. The Web services, referenced generally as numberare programmable application components that are reusable and interact Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock over the networktypically through industry standard Web protocols, such Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock XML, SOAP, WAP wireless application protocolHTTP hypertext transport protocoland SMTP simple mail transfer protocol Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock other means of interacting with the Web services over the network may also be used, such as Remote Procedure Call RPC or object broker type technology.

A Web service can be self-describing and is often defined in terms of Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock and ordering of messages. Each Web service is illustrated as including one or more servers that execute software to handle requests for particular services. Such services often maintain databases that store information to be served back to requesters.

Web services may be configured to perform any one of a variety of different services. The Web services can be Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock with each other and with other applications to build intelligent interactive experiences. The clients may communicate with one another using standard protocols as well, as represented by an exemplary XML link between clients 3 and 4.

The Web application is composed of one or more software applications that run atop a programming frameworkwhich are executing on one or more servers or other computer systems. Note that Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock portion of Web application may actually reside on one or more of clients Alternatively, Web application may coordinate with other software on clients to actually accomplish its tasks.

It permits Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock development and Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock integration by supporting multiple languages. It supports open protocols, such as SOAP, and encapsulates the underlying operating system and object model services. The framework provides a robust and secure execution environment for the multiple programming Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock and offers secure, integrated class libraries.

This layered architecture allows updates and Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock to various layers without impacting other portions of the framework.

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A Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock language specification CLS allows designers of various languages to write code that Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock able to access underlying library functionality. The specification functions as a contract between language designers and library designers.

By adhering to the CLS, Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock written Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock one Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock can be directly accessible to code modules written in other languages to achieve seamless integration between code modules written in Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock language and code modules Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock in another language.

By exposing the API functions for a network platform, application developers can create Web applications for distributed computing systems that make full use of the network resources and other Web services, without needing to understand the complex Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock of how those network resources actually operate or are made available.

Moreover, the Web applications can be written in any number of programming languages, and translated into an intermediate language supported by the common language runtime and included as part of the common language specification In this way, the API layer can provide methods for a wide and Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock variety of applications.

Representative Xmlvalidatingreader alternative Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock 1 and 2 residing on clients 3 and Mrespectively, can use the API functions by making calls directly, or indirectly, to the API layer over the network Client 3 represents the situation where a framework is implemented at Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock client.

This framework may be identical to server-based frameworkor modified Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock client purposes. The common language specification CLS layer supports applications written in a variety of languages 1234. The common language specification specifies a subset of features Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock rules about Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock that, if followed, allow the various languages to communicate.

Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock example, some languages do not support a given type e. In this case, the common language specification does not include the type. On the other Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock, types that are supported by all or most languages e. This Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock to communicate results in seamless integration between code modules written in one language and code modules written in another language.

Since different languages are particularly well suited to particular tasks, the seamless integration between languages allows a developer to select a particular language for a particular code module with the ability to use that code module Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock modules written in different languages. The common language runtime allow seamless multi-language development, with cross language inheritance, and provide a robust and secure execution environment for the multiple programming Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. The operating system 1 provides conventional functions, such as file management, notification, event handling, user interfaces Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. The object model services 2 provide interfacing with other objects to perform various tasks.

A class represents managed heap allocated data that has Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock assignment semantics. A delegate is an object oriented function pointer.

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An enumeration is a special kind of value type that represents named constants. A structure represents static allocated data that has Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock assignment semantics.

An interface defines a contract that other types can implement. Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock designer is able to create multiple groups from the set of types, with each group containing at least one type that exposes logically related functionality.

In the exemplary implementation, the API is organized into four root namespaces: Each group can then be assigned a name. By selecting and prefixing a top level identifier, the types in each group can be easily referenced by a hierarchical name that includes the selected top level identifier prefixed to the name of the group containing the type.

The Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock applications namespace pertains to drawing and client side UI Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. It supplies types that enable drawing of two-dimensional 2D and three-dimensional Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock drawings, imaging, and printing, as well as Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock ability to construct window forms, menus, boxes, and so on.

It Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock classes, interfaces, delegates, and enumerations that enable security, specify data types, and serialize objects into Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock format documents or streams. The base class libraries BCL namespace pertains to basic system and runtime functionality.

It contains the fundamental types and base classes that Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock commonly-used value and reference data types, Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock and event handlers, interfaces, attributes, and processing exceptions. In one embodiment, the namespaces are identified according to a Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock naming convention in which strings of names are concatenated Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock. With this naming convention in mind, the following provides a general overview Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock selected namespaces Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock the APIalthough other naming conventions could be used with equal effect.

NET pages, web services, and user controls. Additionally, a cache dictionary is available for developers Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock store frequently used resources, such as hash tables and other data structures. This namespace includes the control class, which provides all web based controls, Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock those encapsulating HTML elements, higher level Web controls, or even custom User controls, with a common set Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock functionality.

Also provided are classes which provide the web forms server controls data binding functionality, the ability to save the view state of a given control or page, as well as parsing functionality for both programmable and literal controls.

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Within the UI namespace are two additional namespaces: This namespace contains designer tools, such as Visual Studio, which offer a rich experience for developers at design time. It implements an architecture that, in a disconnected scenario such as the Internetprovides tools to request, update, and reconcile data in multiple tier systems. The data namespace includes a common namespace that contains types shared by data providers. A data provider Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock collection of types used to access a data source, such as a database, in the managed space.

The data namespace also includes an OLE DB namespace that contains types pertaining to data Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock in object-oriented databases e. The classes provide a safer, faster alternative to other data types.

Using the objects within this namespace helps prevent type conversion errors caused in situations where loss of precision could occur. Because other data types are converted to and from SQL types behind the scenes, explicitly creating and using objects Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock this namespace results in faster code as well.

The supported standards include XML e. The namespace allows developers to start system processes, read and write to event logs, and monitor system performance using performance counters. This namespace includes a model for working with streams of bytes, higher level readers and writers which consume those bytes, various constructions or implementations of the streams e.

One element to the Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock of the Net Class Libraries is an extensible, layered approach to exposing networking functionality. The NCL stack Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock three basic layers. A base layer System. The third layer Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock the Web Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock, which provides an abstract factory pattern for the creation of other protocol classes. Services are long-running Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock that Xmlvalidatingreader alternative rock without a user interface.

They can be installed to run under a system account that enables them to be started at computer reboot.


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String ; Sets the value of the specified attribute. The name to be encoded. Represents the W3C anyAttribute element. Xml namespace also includes a System. XmlReader knows how when to stop reading.

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