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Ask me anything trailer justin long dating


I'm Justin Long and I'm lonely Ask me anything trailer justin long dating really enjoy writing bios. And watching erotic costume dramas This one time I made a movie about a man who tries to turn another man into a walrus. It comes out this Friday. Please do see it if you like that sort of thing - it's called "Tusk".

If you don't believe me, here's the trailer We've seen you play a bumbling stuttering nerd and we've seen you do fast talking smooth guy too, so which is the real Justin Long? I think your role in Zach and Miri Make a Porno was absolutely hilarious and one of my favorites. The last time I watched that movie, I decided that if that character was to make a spin off movie, a la Get Him to the Ask me anything trailer justin long dating, I would watch the hell out of it.

Fun Justin Long story: Saw him in Vermont at a diner, and as he was waiting to pay his bill at the counter, an older couple mistook him for an employee and asked him how long the wait was.

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He must've had a flashback to "Waiting" and started acting as the host. The couple's reaction as he paid and exited was priceless. I think they realized soon after that he was a famous actor.

He even made a remark saying this is unusual for him in such a quiet place like Vermont. I overheard a guy ask him if he Ask me anything trailer justin long dating out here filming, and he responded that he was visiting for pleasure. Sorry for the vague, original rendition. I'd love to see what Brandon Wheeger is up to 15 years later.

There's been talk about doing - not sure how real it is - but yes, I'd do it in a heartbeat. In the meantime, never give up, never surrender. This would make me SO happy. My family watches Galaxy Quest every time I'm home, it's the greatest fucking movie. If you had to get a different celebrity's face tattooed onto your face, whose face would it be, and why? I would get all the Baldwin brothers as Russian nesting dolls Stephen would, of course, be the smallest.

Because what a great conversation starter! I always figured Daniel Baldwin would be the weakest. I mean, at least Stephen has The Usual Suspects. Has anyone ever approached you about doing a spin off Ask me anything trailer justin long dating the character "Brandon St.

Randy" from Zach and Miri? You killed it in that movie! I seriously watch that movie every couple of months just for the Brandon St. Easily one of the funniest scenes in the movie. Well, B, I'm Ask me anything trailer justin long dating you asked actually, 'cause since we're going to prison, I'm Ask me anything trailer justin long dating learn how to carve a shank out of my toothbrush.

Ask me anything trailer justin long dating think you were filming a movie at Winthrop University. My 15 year old self swooned. I loved and miss that Ask me anything trailer justin long dating and those guys so much. I learned so much watching Tom work - he taught me things I could've never picked up in acting school which is where, I think, I would've been had I not gotten the show.

I used to go see his shows with "Stella" at the club in the village - all these cool actors I looked up to were also fans of theirs and would show up. I was madly in love with Julie.

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She was the funniest, smartest woman I'd ever met - and she had the mouth of a sailor - she used to make the grips and camera guys blush. She sat on my lap once and "made out with me" as a bit - I couldn't even pretend to laugh, I was in such turmoil. No DVD or Blu-ray. I Ask Ask me anything trailer justin long dating anything trailer justin long dating learned that I have forgotten Ask me anything trailer justin long dating much about Ed.

Man, I wish they could bring that show back. I'm sure the music rights have it Ask me anything trailer justin long dating tied up for Ask me anything trailer justin long dating with all the pop Ask me anything trailer justin long dating they used. That was back in the day Ask me anything trailer justin long dating nobody knew TV on DVD was going to be such a huge thing, so they didn't acquire the rights for that when they licensed music for the show.

This is the show that got me into Clem Snide, who did the theme song Moment in the Sun the one season where they didn't use the Foo Fighters song. Ed is one of my all-time favorites, I wish it had found a bigger audience. Tom is so charismatic; I can't believe he hasn't found more commercial success. Michael reminds me a lot of my brother.

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And I think my wife Ask me Ask me anything trailer justin long dating trailer justin long dating tolerates the huge crush I have on Julie because she has a crush on her as well. They're actually remarkably similar, right down to the three boys, including a set of twins. Oh yeah, man, me too. It was one day - such a fun one. Luke was super laid back and easy. I was so distracted every time Mike Judge would come over and give me direction because I couldn't separate him from "beavis and Ask me anything trailer justin long dating. Stephen Root was on set.

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He had recorded my previous "out going message" on my phone as "Milton" - it was so good that I Ask me anything trailer justin long dating in on their for a year since we worked on Dodgeball.

Root said I probably shouldn't as he had an iffy relationship with MTV. Later that night we all went out after work and had a few drinks.

I had enough courage that I asked Mike "Hey, do idiots ever come up to you and ask you to record their outgoing messages as Beavis and Butthead" and his great dry slight drawl he said "yeah, why, you want me to do yours? Paul Rudd and I holed up in his hotel room the day before poring over Beatles docs. We were so nervous - it was such a daunting task to play the Beatles even though it was a comedic movie - we wanted to respect how sacred they are.

Jason Shwartzman called his room and told us he was freaking out. One of those guys said they had run into Jack Black the day before and asked him if he was nervous to play Paul. Jack said, "no, dude, I got it. Just watch 'Hard Days Night'!

It Ask me anything trailer justin long dating one of the most fun days of my life. I ran into George's son Dani years later and he said really Ask me anything trailer justin long dating things about my performance.

It was a special, surreal moment for me. Especially since Dani looks and sounds exactly like George, my favorite member of my favorite band NameDroppyStory. Here it is in Ask me anything trailer justin long dating shitty-aspect-ratio-fucked HD. Ask me anything trailer justin long dating forgot about that. First he played a Beatle, now he's playing a walrus.

I guess that's what they meant with the song! Or that time when everybody thought his dad was doing crimes and abusing power, but only to realize it was an evil clone!

Being around monkeys Ask me anything trailer justin long dating makes me happier than when I'm around humans even friends and family. It was a movie called "Strange Wilderness". We made up most of our lines, there was weed, there were ridiculous set pieces, Jonah Hill and I were living together and would drive to work and laugh non stop. It got a "0" on rotten tomatoes - it was a good lesson in the fun experiences not always corresponding to how the movie turned out.

I was a huge fan of Steve Zahn's. It was a thrill to get Ask me anything trailer justin long dating work with him. Let me tell you something, that shark scene you know the one where it makes the fucking goofy god damn noise. I've showed that fucking laughing shark scene to so many of my friends it's unreal.

I'm pretty sure it's the only reason my wife got with me. Dude I fucking love that movie, I have never laughed harder Ask me anything trailer justin long dating you painted your eye lids, or when you were going to get in that fight. You fuckin made that movie bro. Rotten Tomatoes can suck a fat one. Strange Wilderness is a phenomenal movie. You got a thong on?

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Strange Wilderness is one of my favorite movies of all time! It has so many quotable lines! Thank you for your work in that movie!!! You starred in the cult classic movie Crossroads in Listen, I'm thinking Ask me anything trailer justin long dating getting a new computer. Do you have any advice as to what kind I should get? I really do know very little about computers. But I could tell you how to respond to strangers who point at you at airports and say "Hey, you're the Dell Guy from those movies".

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