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A1 kernel p7500 xdating


Download this video for viewing in HD on your smartphone or computer. This video was A1 kernel p7500 xdating to you by AndroidRoot.


Click Here to See at AndroidRoot. If you have a Galaxy A1 kernel p7500 xdating After overclocking my Tab Can you upgrade busybox archive in theme? Where it install to p ICS system crash and need reinstallation. Do i have A1 kernel p7500 xdating root my tqb to use this kernel? Where is the super su file? I have the cwm but no super user access or permissions….

Half rooting not cool. I am ready to overclock bru.

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A1 kernel p7500 xdating A1 kernel p7500 xdating, how do i install this A1 kernel p7500 xdating manually? Installed it using ROM Manager, got stuck on samsung logo. Sorry am a newbie when it comes to flashing ROM. Where do you get A1 kernel p7500 xdating. I thought the standard max clock speed is 1. Certainly, SetCPU is showing only a max of 1. I have set the min to and will see what happens. USB charging certainly seems to be working though — at last!

Well it seems Max has forgotten to add the super su files download, as i have the kernel ready, i have purchased the set cpu but cant seem to get rooting access. Max please give us the super su. Does somebody knows why? Did you install super su? Remember that having root mean having super user access for A1 kernel p7500 xdating apps and other wise app that require more permissions or access to os than others.

You have the kernel and CWM now you need the super su to finish the process. Then when you start your tab again it will have super su linked and running, just update it and reinstall set cpu and it will be working.

Restored back to stock ICS then restarted process. Reinstalled kernel, super su, and then set CPU. Yes mine is also different, but does the same job. I do beleive its overclocked, cant really test it since i had no lad on my tab.

But once CWM was installed i was able to install the kernel and overclock with ease. Removed latter and SetCPU in caseof any conflict.

Rebooted, then reinstalled SetCPU. Still shows max on 1GHz. Seems as if you A1 kernel p7500 xdating conflicting information on your tab. Unroot back with official A1 kernel p7500 xdating and then start again.

Install in this order and you will not have a problem Fist — CWM recovery boot device Sec — super SU only, do not use the easy root option, it will give you problems boot device Trd — install A1 kernel boot device Four — use A1 kernel p7500 xdating set cpu and you should be fine….

Why would you use a rom manager that A1 kernel p7500 xdating not allow full super user binary installation, if you check all comments max clearly states you need CWM 5.

Fix the cwm and all will be ok. I noticed a couple of items after doing this and was wondering if anyone else has seen this. Battery life is abismal, seems to be cut in half which led me to the next item: Still at least USB charging works, which saves me a lot of grief — so obviously the A1 kernel is working. Yo max, the set cpu seems very diffeent from your one, could that be a different software using?

Please also give us guides on the overclocking setting and what is best to set it on cuz it seems that on max speed, ie Mhz it seems to couse lag when in use, as there games seem to lag when a change is needed. Example when i click something and a pop up is required then the tab will hang for secs and then work, i didnt have this much lag with stock kernel, did i overclock with A1 kernel p7500 xdating settings?

I have several question about this kernel. Does everything, i mean all the features in our gtp will work A1 kernel p7500 xdating fine A1 kernel p7500 xdating this kernel?

Such as gyro sensor error, motion sensor error, sudden restart, Device crashed A1 kernel p7500 xdating restart while opening gallery. Beside the overclock things, does everything will be ok? Do not worry there are none of those mentioned errors on the running, just i personally feel that the overclock is not as fast as its supposed to be, set cpu allows for 1. Because i really really need A1 kernel p7500 xdating features in thiz tab. Ok, heres some information: Theres two versions of this kernel, se and xe.

Se its standard A1 kernel p7500 xdating and it can only go to Xe its extreme A1 kernel p7500 xdating and it goes to Some intruccions, flash it with the last version of cwm, do not use apps for flashing. If you get stock in boot logo, this could happen only in extreme edition, just reflash it and A1 kernel p7500 xdating will work on the next A1 kernel p7500 xdating. More indotmation, this kernel also overclock the gpu from to and that is on both edition, with this the games runs better.

I highly recommend using go launcher for pad on this ics stock rom, its the most smother launcher ive tried. Will the gpu be automatically overclocked?? Well as i previously stated, i must have done something wrong cuz i get serious lag with 1. I am using set cpu and well yeah its very different to the one max is using. Any tips on what to do? Or how to do it correctly? My problem is A1 kernel p7500 xdating with the sims freeplay, when i click an item it will hang for 2secs before the pop up and the same when a task is completed.

I recommend you to set max tomin to ! And A1 kernel p7500 xdating, the gpu is automatically overclocked. Basically A1 kernel p7500 xdating want to have the cpu at full speed A1 kernel p7500 xdating the time??

If my u derstanding of processors is correct, setting a min like means as soon as i hit cycles the processor will spike to full rotations which we now have as 1. Is that not going to drain the battery with prolonged use?

You are getting it wrong, the cpu wont be at full speed with any touch of screen, it will use power needed in that moment, so meanwhile i write this message the cpu its using like mhz, you know, the cpu can switch betwen frequecies so it only goes to if it need it.

I recommen you visit the official thread on xda A1 kernel p7500 xdating to be update on kernel updates, you know this kernel has a week of life so its improving almost every day. Also it works perfectly without any problem on gtp and Ofcourse your rom must be based on a A1 kernel p7500 xdating stock rom like, task, stock oficial, jellybeanrom v5, infamous 2…. Thank you Max for all your great tips and excelents videos.

I have just O. Over 20 A1 kernel p7500 xdating 40 seconds A1 kernel p7500 xdating a red A1 kernel p7500 xdating, any ideas. I Disable this option in Developer mode Settings and problem resolve.

I also noticed that you cannot charge while the tab is turned off, that is a real deal breaker for cuz i like to cycle my bat3 once a month…. Went back to original kernel. Reflashed stock ICS — rebooted Installed cwm 5. What else do I have to do A1 kernel p7500 xdating I have already wasted about six hours in total on this …. However, I have now done a full data wipe, Dalvik cache wipe and factory reset.

Does your super su work? Meaning when you open A1 kernel p7500 xdating cpu does it pop up to grant access to set cpu? Are you able to run rooted apps. Cuz i had the same problem and was unable to cuz i didnt have root access, there is a app in the app store that can test if you have root access. I have installed and run Root Checker — it confirms device has root access.

Hey people heres the official thread of this kernel. I didnt try but if you first power off the tab and then plug in the cable it sure works in 1. Having root access problems, installed per the instructions, I can not get permision for anything. Using A1 kernel, A1 kernel p7500 xdating, ics 4. A1 kernel p7500 xdating use cwm provided to avoid problems. Thank you Max for the great guide! This is VERY frustrating ……………. When restarted setcpu and selected A1 A1 kernel p7500 xdating p7500 xdating setup, it now immediately recognised the file, and lo and A1 kernel p7500 xdating MHz is available, and seems to be getting used.

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Ticked setting to tick on boot, and rebooted. Quadrant benchmark improved to — not massive but a significant improvement.

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[Kernel/Recovery][P75XX] A1 Kernel V1.9/TWRP2.6.3.0

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Hard Reset Tablet Samsung Tab 10.1 GT-P7510, P7500, Como Formatar, Desbloquear, Restaurar

How to overclock...

Anything living alters its environment for its benefit in order that it may live and reproduce. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. October 14, at 1: I am using set cpu and well yeah its very different to the one max is using.

Overclocking voids warranty and it can damage the device.


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How to Overclock ICS on...

October 2, at 5: October 4, at 7: August 26, at Atmospheric carbon dioxide is being absorbed in increasing amounts, lowering its pH in a process known as ocean acidification. But now the scenario has changed completely , all high end Android devices are coming with quad-core processors and much more powerful GPU.

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